UN AIDS ambassador takes on cancer

UN AIDS ambassador Stephen Lewis speaks at the University of Toronto.

Stephen Lewis isn’t quitting the AIDS fight.

In fact, his battle to eradicate the disease in developing countries is as fervent as ever. But there’s another quiet killer the former UN envoy for AIDS in Africa is urging Canadians to mobilize against: cancer.

By 2015, one out of two people in Canada will have had cancer at some point in their lives. He urgently pointed this out during his lectures for the Control Cancer Campaign, which ended its campus tour Wednesday night at the University of Toronto. The non-communicable disease isn’t on the agenda for the G20 meeting to be held in Toronto this summer, though cases of it are ballooning in developing countries, he told his audiences. He spoke with The Globe and Mail about why we should mobilize to prevent (not necessarily cure) cancer and why he’s spreading this message to university students.


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