Vertical Church book review chapter one highlights

“a Universal long: Transcendence”  deep  in the soul of every human being is a longing for transcendence created  within us by God himself. (page 40 on iPad two page view setting)

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart.” Ecclesiastes 3:11a  (page 46 on Ipad two page view setting)

Eternity is this passage refers to our deep and abiding sense of something outside the boundaries of our senses. (page 48 on Ipad two page view setting)

C.S. Lewis called it “the inconsolable longing” and admitted: There have been times when I think we do not desire heaven, but more often I find myself wondering whether in our heart of hearts, we have ever desired anything else…. It is the secret signature of each soul, the incommunicable and unappeasable want.” (page 50 on Ipad two page view setting)

Wayne Grudem “The term often used to say that God is much greater that creation is the word transcendent. Very simply, this means that God is far “above” the creation in the sense that he is greater than the creation and he is independent of it.” (page 66 on Ipad two page view setting)

D.A. Carson “God exists apart from the creation that he made, and thus above space and time…. He is not in any way dependent upon his creation; he is self-existing that is, he draws his own existence only from himself. He is absolute” (page 66 on iPad two page view setting)

Millard Erickson Doctrine of Transcendence (page 67 on iPad two page view setting)

1) There will always be a difference between God and humans…

2) Reverence is appropriate in our relationship with God…

3) We will look for genuinely transcendent working by God…

When was the last time God took you to the mat and pinned you with a fresh awareness of His size compared to yours? (page 70 Ipad two page view setting)

A. W. Tozer book Knowledge of the Holy “we must not think of God as highest in an ascending order of beings starting wiht the single cell, then the fish, then the bird, then the animal, then man and angels and cherubs and God… This would be to grant God eminence or even preeminence but that is not enough. We must grant God transcendence in the fullest meaning of that word. He’s wholly other. He breaks all the categories of being and knowing.” (page 72 iPad two page view setting)

“Rationalism says if you can’t quantify it, if you can’t prove it, if you can’t show it to me, then it doesn’t exist. Rationalism teaches us to deny the eternity that God has placed in our hearts.” (page 73 Ipad two view page setting)

Immanuel Kant “Copernican revolution” in other words, sometimes we know that we know something, even though we are helpless to prove it rationally. That experience comes form the eternity in our hearts.” (page 74 Ipad two page view setting)

“in a society where rationality has ruled so long, the church frequently fails to see that in forsaking the  weekly pursuit of the transcendent, we have given up the only ground that uniquely ours in this world.” (page 76 Ipad two page view setting)

“When we settle for a festival of felt needs at church, we fail to offer what God has charged us exclusively to give,… Transcendence is the rare air of something totally beyond ourselves.” (page 77 Ipad two  page view settings)

“Transcendence is a healthy dose of insignificance to a race whose root sin is pride.  Transcendence cuts us all down to our proper proportion before an awesome God.  That you and I are not significant is a wonderful, freeing discovery, and that’s what church is for.” (page 79 Ipad two page view settings)

“Church has to be about helping people discover what they can’t get anywhere else.” (page 85 Ipad two page view setting)

“When God exists to serve the creature, and the church is about meeting my needs, I am sailing the ship of my own soul toward the rocks and will run aground in idolatry” (page 86 iPad two page view)

“Pascal quote… All men seek to be happy.  This is without exception, whatever different means they use.” (page 96 Ipad two page view)

“Most of us don’t bring carved gods in our pockets to church. Instead, our idols are subtle variations of self: my sexuality, my sincere religiosity, my stuff, my substance to abuse, my perfect little family for a second or two, my insatiable ambition, these are the forms of idolatry church is supposed to tear down.” (page 96 Ipad two page view setting)

“When our Churches serve banquets of self-centered theology, we create disillusionment in the hearts of people who feel God has failed them; but in reality God has not met with them at all.” (page 96 Ipad two page view settings)

James Macdonald testimony (pages 98-100 Ipad two page view settings)


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