Vertical Church Chapter Two Highlights

Vertical Church notes chapter two

“say it in a Sentence: What God gives to satisfy the longing in every human soul is glory” (page 111 Ipad two page view setting)
“Have you struggled to embrace what God wanted you to do and for a time refused to do it?” (page 116 Ipad two page view setting)
“In his recent book unexplainable, he said, “God wants to do the inconceivable, the uncommon, the unexpected, the remarkable, the incomprehensible, so that He- God is the only explanation for what occurs in our lives. I couldn’t agree more.” (page 120 Ipad two page setting view)
“the manifest presence, which is what we call it when God comes near. In the term transcendence we acknowledge God as “wholly other” and beyond us, but the gospel means that what we were created to long for is “actually not far from each one of us” The manifest presence of God is the only water that can replenish the parched land of the North American church” (page 120 Ipad two page setting view)
Simply put God at work right here and now.

“Have we become so accustomed to activity for God that it has replaced the far greater work of activity in God and by God? May I ask what has happened in your ministry in the past seven days that would be impossible without God’s active engagement?” (page 123-4 Ipad two page view setting)
“How often have we contented our hearts with right actions that produced little evidence of God truly at work?” (page 124 Ipad two page view setting)
“What separates us from all other people groupings on the planet is the presence of God manifest among us.” (page 132 ipad two page view setting)
“What we pastors and church leaders too often lose sight of is that the only thing makes a church worth shouting about is God showing up in power and doing what we cannot do for ourselves— and so many churches miss it completely” (page 133 Ipad two page setting view)
“Does its availability ensure its inevitability?” (page 133 Ipad two page setting view)
“maybe it’s time we stopped hiding behind omnipresence and assuming it is the same thing as manifest presence.” (page 134 Ipad two page view setting)
“The term omnipresence is borrowed from Latin. It is a compound of omni, meaning “all” and praesens, meaning “here”” (page 135 Ipad two page view setting)
“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you” would be a meaningless invitation if there is not something available to every church in every location that goes beyond omnipresence.” (page 141 Ipad two page setting view)
“the Greek called it unknown, Rudolph Otto called it the numinous Aldous Huxley called it mysterium tremendum. Paul Tillich called it the ground of all being. People at the end of their ropes sometimes call it the higher power.” (page 143 Ipad two page view setting)
“Transcendence is what it’s called in the abstract, Manifest presence is what it’s called in experience” (page 143, two page view setting)
“Glory is a manifestation of God’s reality. As heat is to fire, glory is to God” (page 148 Ipad two page view setting)
“God desire that in every action we display the glorious reality of the God who made us. Do you insist upon this priority in the ministry you lead?” (page 154 Ipad two page setting)
“C. S. Lewis noted; Because God and you are two things of such a kind that if you really get into any touch with Him at all, you will, in fact, be humble–delightedly humble, feeling the infinite relief of having for once got rid of all the silly nonsense about your own dignity which has made you restless and unhappy your whole life.” (page 158 Ipad two page setting)
1. Expectant prayer frequently before, after and during the actual service.
2. Power “thus says the Lord” biblical preaching
3. Where people line up at the doors long before the service starts
4. Where individual salvations proportionate to the size of the church regularly and continuously occur.
5. Where racial, economic, language, and generational diversity is growing
6. Where the majority of adults gather in smaller groups
7. Where elders lead, discord is not tolerated, and people are held to account
8. Where Christ reigns and is exalted increasingly as Head in the hearts of the people
9. Where the needs of the poor are met and those in prison are visited and aliens are welcomed
10. Where all of these things are manifest
“Chapter 3 we have to take glory to Church, and in Chapter 4 we have to study, when the glory departs.” (page 168, Ipad two page settings)
“In what ways does God’s glory, His manifest presence, express your deepest desires in ministry? What are some of the things about your church that must be reconsidered in the light of the priority of God’s glory?” (page 174 Ipad two page setting view)

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