Vertical Church Chapter five

Chapter 5
Vertical Church notes

“God’s Son Fervently worshipped in spirit and truth brings down His glory at church.”

“To fail at worship is the greatest failure a human is capable of with the gravest of consequences.”

“Hebrew word translated worship means, literally, “to fall or to prostrate yourself before someone on the ground, touching your forehead to earth”

In the New Testament, two words describe this action. One is the word proskuneo, which means “to kiss toward or to kiss the hand. It’s the idea of adoration. The second word is latreuo, meaning “to give or to pay homage.”

“ I choose worship first because it is eternal while preaching is temporal, we preach so that worship will increase, not the reverse”

“When is the right time to leave a church? I always answer the same way: ‘This will help. If God doesn’t attend your church anymore, you are free to leave. If you want God to show up this Sunday and do things you can’t do for yourselves, find a way to unplug what’s blocking the unshamed adoration of Jesus that the Holy Spirit is pushing all believers toward and you won’t have to wait long.”

“Intimacy demands simplicity, and with all due respect to hymns filled with great theology, that level of complexity is not what the scripture reveals as God’s personal preference. Yes, God has worship preferences too, and Vertical Church is about understanding those prerogatives and shaping our service plan to fit them.”

“We plan our worship services for an audience of One and choose a music style that assists the worshipper because God has not given us any directive on musical genre.”

“Reviewing, meditating, reflecting, pondering are overlapping and important biblical concepts that are assisted by repetition where each trip over the same terrain allows God to “enlarge my heart”

“I like the term Spirit worship because I know it began for me and continues today as far more than a music style suited to my preferences.”

“Emotions like gratitude and lament, joy and contrition must well up inside the one who rightly conceives that God is not just present in our praise but leaning in to love us back and manifest His glory.”

“Volume does not equate to sincerity, but lack of volume at the proper time almost certainly highlights a sleepy, superficial engagement that insults the Spirit of Glory.”

“In view of God’s extravagance to us in Christ, we should be bursting at the seams to get to church every weekend and make our voices raw with whole-person praise.”

“Many Lead pastors with the smarts to get through seminary spend leisure time in study or listening to other preachers rather that staying on the front edge of current worship trends, good and bad.”

“I am glad when they said to me, Let us go to the house of the Lord”

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving”

“Together in Christian community we have the incredible opportunity to testify to one another about the faithfulness of God from our current experiences.”

“Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord? And who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart.”

“The responsibility for what happens at church is on your shoulders. Along with the others leaders in the place where you worship, you are accountable to God for what happens during worship.”


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