Devotional Epiphany

Devotions – The Reverend Canon Frances Lightbourn
Thoughts from my chair
We have now reached the hilltop of Christmas. The Babe has come. His is so wonderful. Do you wish you were able to hold Him close in your arms? When a young mother gives you her baby to hold, she is offering you a very special gift. You take the little one in your arms with awe and love. This new life is so very pre- cious.
When we meditate at Christmas on the baby does our mind dwell on the infant Jesus, this little hu- man being? Do we think about who He really is? This is God incarnate. God made flesh. He was at the very beginning with God. Everything was made through Him. He was there at Creation. This little Babe, Jesus is all these things and more. He will be and is our saviour.

St. John’s Gospel does not have an actual account of the birth of Jesus. There is written there the “Prologue”, that keeps moving account of who Jesus was and is. It also presents John The Baptist the last of the great Jewish prophets. “Who was not that light but came as a witness to testify to the light”, (John 1. 7).
In our commercialized world we are constantly having to be re- minded to bring Christ into Christmas. We try to think of the Babe in Bethlehem. We pic- ture the angels as they sang to the shepherds in the fields. We see those same shepherds in the stable with Mary and Joseph and the animals. We go on to Epiphany and rejoice in the sto- ry of the Wise Men, who trav- elled so far to greet the new King and worship Him.
At Easter we will focus on His death and resurrection, how we need to pray, study and try to grasp who this Baby really is. “In Him was life and that life was the light of all people” (John 1.4)
In Him we should live and grow and have one being.
Rejoice in Him!

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